One of the benefits of attending Brescia is that you are a part of a thriving community of students and faculty

Brescia University College is the only women’s university in Canada. This small, intimate college is affiliated with the nearby Western University. Students at Brescia can also take some classes with men and women at Western’s main campus.

There are many things to love about this small college. Located in London, Ontario, the campus is a charming, inviting place to study. You’ll find a small class size of about 29 students, and a campus-wide average of about 1,500. The school has a diverse student population, with students from all walks of life.

While there are no official statistics on the number of students in attendance, it’s estimated that about a quarter of the entire student population is female. In the course of its century-long history, the college has had a lot of change. Originally founded as the Ursuline College, it became a Roman Catholic affiliate of the University of Western Ontario. After a few decades, it merged with Western to become a fully integrated university.

As one of the only women’s colleges in the country, it is certainly a unique experience. Brescia offers an incredibly supportive environment, a broad array of courses, and unparalleled opportunities for academic growth. It has been a leader in the field of education for women for over a century. Today, it has a student-faculty ratio of 14 to 1.

One of the benefits of attending Brescia is that you are a part of a thriving community of students and faculty. Whether you are a first-year undergraduate or a veteran, you will receive a well-rounded educational experience. A Brescia admissions scholarship is available to eligible candidates. Those who make the grade on the admissions exam can receive free tuition for the semester, and scholarships are renewable for subsequent years.

The college also hosts a number of events. These include the annual public speaking contest for 12th grade girls. Women from a variety of professional fields speak at these events. The university is also home to a Girls LEAD camp. Camps are designed to encourage self-discovery, as well as to help teens develop leadership skills and build communities.

The College has also made headlines for its efforts to promote academic excellence and to support women students. For example, it is the only women’s college in Canada to offer a school of leadership and social change. By offering this program, students can gain the skills needed to lead change, while acquiring a degree at the same time.

Other notable programs offered by Brescia University College include the Access Academy, which aims to prepare women for the rigors of a university environment. This program helps students improve their study skills before they even begin their college careers.

While there are many colleges in Canada, none of them are quite as small and spirited as Brescia. In addition to its unique educational offerings, the college offers a wide range of support services, making it a haven for students of all ages.